Advance Domestic Animals in Charcoal

Advance Domestic Animals in Charcoal


Tutor: Bex Gouverneur

Dates Available: 

  • 16 - 18 September 2019

3 day course: 10am - 4pm

A 3 day course covering advanced techniques for drawing domestic animals in charcoal including taking reference photographs, combining and altering images, tackling white fur and adding backgrounds.

For those who have previously attended Bex’s Domestic Animals in Charcoal workshop or have previous experience of her charcoal techniques, this course seeks to embed and extend these practices as well as introducing some essential photography skills in order to help you obtain the best quality reference images of your subject.

Day one will begin with a recap and refresher of the basic techniques from the Domestic Animals in Charcoal course and then move on to cover dealing with a range of challenging issues which could be encountered when drawing from non-ideal reference photographs.  These issues will include: removing cataracts or awkward reflections in the eyes, removing or altering a collar or tag, working from low resolution or poor reference images, combining two or more reference photos into one drawing, dealing with white fur and when to add backgrounds.

Day two will introduce some photography skills which will help you capture your subjects ready for drawing.  You will need to bring along a digital camera (ideally, a DSLR but a bridge or compact camera would suffice) with a removable SD or flash memory card.  We will be photographing a few different animals (dogs and cats) which you will use the following day as your reference image.  Students will learn about lighting, composition, focus and capturing the character of the animal, as well as having a demonstration of basic editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop.  We will then draft out the final image ready for beginning the charcoal drawing the following day.

Day three will focus on producing a drawing from your reference photographs taken the previous day incorporating some of the challenging issues discussed on day one and developing the charcoal techniques taught across both workshops.

This course is suitable for those who have attended Domestic Animals in Charcoal course or who have attended private sessions or other workshops teaching Bex charcoal techniques.

Students will produce a range of developmental drawings, a selection of photographs which can be used as reference images and a completed A4 drawing of their chosen subject.

Materials Fee:

A full materials pack can be bought directly from the artist on the day for £30. This will include everything you need to partake in the course and will allow you to continue at home.  The materials pack contains:

Willow Charcoal Power & Pot

Set of soft charcoal brushes

Conte Pierre Noire ‘H’ pencil

Conte Pierre Noire ‘2B’ pencil

Faber Castell putty rubber

Faber Castell PITT compressed charcoal stick ‘medium’

Set of 6 blending stumps

Emery board

Derwent white charcoal pencil

Charcoal Holder

Pack of Coates assorted short length willow charcoal

Supplementary materials which may aid your work but which are not essential will also be available to purchase during the session.

Students will also need a DSLR, bridge or compact camera with a removable SD or flash memory card. An ipad/android tablet and/or laptop computer, particularly with editing software would be useful if available, but not essential.

“Great course in a beautiful setting. Bex is an excellent teacher. Lots of instruction provided so that students can continue to practice and perfect after the course. Highly enjoyable!”

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