British Wildlife in Acrylics

British Wildlife in Acrylics


Tutor: Tom Shepherd

Date Available: 

  • 30 April - 1 May 2018

2 day course: 10am - 4pm

We often share our everyday worlds with beautiful British birds and animals in some form, and during this course you will learn to paint them in a way that is full of life and movement. The focus will be on British wildlife, farmyard animals and birds.

Whether painting animals small in a landscape, painting a large group or making one or two animals the main focus of a painting, a few fundamentals can make a huge difference to capturing that all important feeling of 'life'. This course will involve a mixture of structured exercises, demonstrations and plenty of guided tuition for students encouraging you to get a big brush out and look at finding the balance between accuracy and letting loose. You will look at some basic comparative anatomy across all animals & birds - very useful in understanding the basics of how animals are put together as well as understanding how animals move, behave, sit, lie down etc... You will look at a painterly and impressionistic approach to representing fur and feathers as well as the essential fundamentals of shape, tone and colour.

You will be looking specifically at:

  • Breaking any animal, or individual parts of animals, into simple shapes
  • Creating form
  • Proportions
  • Lines of motion and creating movement
  • Giving an impression of fur, feathers
  • Creating exciting texture on the above
  •  ...and of course eyes, feet & wet noses!!!

Participants can expect to leave with at least one finished painting, with potential for many more. Students will develop a deeper understanding of how animals are put together and how they move and how they can represent this with a feeling of movement and motion.

What to bring;

Acrylic paints in a range of colours.

Brushes in a range of sizes suitable for acrylic painting.

2 x canvas or similar painting surfaces in a size of your choice. 

Materials such as charcoal, pencils, paper sheets and tracing paper will be provided for some art exercises.

There will be a large selection of photographic references for you to choose from but participants are also encouraged to bring along their own preferred reference images. Images could include a selection of different British animals in lots of poses. 

Material fee:

For those who are trying acrylics for the first time paints, brushes and canvas paper will be available for an additional £10 material fee, payable to the tutor at the start of the course.

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