Botanical Eco Print Workshop

Botanical Eco Print Workshop


Tutor: Caroline Nixon 

Date Available: 

  • 7 - 9 July 2018 (LAST FEW SPACES LEFT)

3 day course: 10am - 4pm

A 3 day immersive workshop in eco-printing and botanical contact printing. Taking cuttings from the gardens of Claydon, this introductory workshop will show you a contemporary adaptation of the ancient method of colouring cloth with plant pigments.

This workshop is designed to teach you all the techniques you need to produce clear and vivid prints from botanical materials. It is suitable for absolute beginners, but will also be entirely relevant to improvers, especially those who are hoping to achieve clearer prints, richer colours, and greater technical knowledge. Some of the natural materials shall be gathered from the beautiful gardens of Claydon or you are welcome to bring some of your own. 

The  following areas will be  covered:

·         Sourcing fabric, including recycling and upcycling

·         Preparing fabric to print – protein and  cellulose fabrics

·         Mordants and  modifiers, iron blankets

·         Essential equipment for ecoprinting at home

·         Sourcing  plant material

·         Design and placement

·         Preparing dye pots from plant  material

·         Dyebath and steaming techniques

·         Laundering and aftercare  of ecoprinted fabric

·         Safety and  environmental issues

Day 1  

You will make samples, using a variety of different fabrics and techniques. All of the fabric you need will be provided, and some of it will be mordanted ready for you. You will work with silk, wool and linen. (If you are a felter you are welcome to make a small sample using your own felt) You will learn about mordants, and mordant some fabric or garments ready for day 2

Day 2

You will spend the day putting your new skills to use, printing  scarves and garments, or paper. You will also discuss how to source suitable fabrics, including charity shop finds to up-cycle.

Day 3 

We will increase our repertoire of mordants and techniques, and tackle more complex garments - larger pieces or pieces with sleeves that require more complex folding techniques.

By the end of the course you will have the knowledge and skills to continue eco-printing at home as well as leaving with at least 4 beautiful wearable items, or printed yardage to sew at home, printed paper to frame or incorporate into projects.

What to bring;

A detailed material list of basic studio essentials shall be provided nearer to the start of the course. 

Material fee:

£12 per student for a fabric sample pack and £10 per student for other materials (mordants and sundries).

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