Introduction to Mount-Cutting and Mounting

Introduction to Mount-Cutting and Mounting


Tutors: Stephen Harris and Stevie Gilbert

Dates Available:

  • 30 June 2018

  • 17 September 2018

1 day course: 10am - 4pm

Introductory day learning the basics of mounting and mount-cutting for your own artwork, making it ready for framing or for sale.

The mounting of artwork as part of the framing process is a crucial element to get right whether you are mounting the work ready to frame or sell. On this one day introductory course you will look at the whole mounting process, exploring the different types of mountboard materials and mount techniques that are typically available in a picture framers repertoire. You will also look at cropping and fitting the artwork to make it look its best.

Professional framers Stephen and Stevie will show you how to safely set up, use and maintain your cutting equipment along with techniques that are available to make recurring jobs easier.

By the end of this day course, you will be confident in choosing, planning and cutting a single or double mount, setting up and using a mountboard cutter. All these techniques will be practiced together, using your own pieces of artwork throughout the day.

What to bring;

A single paper based artwork for the morning and up to 3 pieces of artwork to mount in the afternoon.

Material fee;

Most of the main materials and all equipment are provided for this course. For the basic techniques learnt during the morning, the mountboard will be supplied as part of the course fee. Additional materials for mounting your own work in the afternoon will be available for sale at an additional cost, made payable to the tutor on the day. All other tapes and backing boards will be supplied as part of the course fee.

Additionally, assistance can also be given regarding the supply of mount cutting equipment for those looking to continue beyond this course.

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