3 day Portraits in a Limited Palette

3 day Portraits in a Limited Palette


Tutor: Peter Keegan

Dates Available:

  • 3 - 5 February 2020 (Mon - Weds)

3 day course: 10am - 4pm

Learn how to paint an exciting range of skin tones using just 4 colours. Perfect for those artists who struggle with colour mixing or muddying skin tones.

Using the famous Zorn Palette, invented by 20th Century Swedish master figurative painter Andres Zorn, we will explore how using just 4 oil colours (red, ochre, black and white) can offer you all the possible colours you need for mixing the full range of skin tones.

The benefit of working with such a limited palette is that it gives a painting greater unity and harmony, as well as limiting the challenge of over complicating your colour mixes.

Over the 2 days, you will learn the loose and painterly alla prima (wet into wet) approach of working with oil paint and how to build up the portrait from initial under drawing, blocking in the flesh tone, how to model facial features and to ultimately, creating a likeness.

Participants can expect to produce at least 2 head and shoulders oil portraits, working from photographs and a bespoke colour chart outlining all of the Zorn Colour Palette options.

This course is suitable for all abilities as explanation into both working in oils and producing a portrait will be covered. Handouts will be provided as part of this 3 day course.

Materials Fee:

Most tools and materials will be provided for an additional fee of £10 per person, made payable in cash to the tutor at the start of the course.

What to Bring:

Participants are asked to bring their own set of oil painting brushes with them. Participants are also welcome to bring their own paints and canvas if preferred.

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