Mixed Media Landscapes

Mixed Media Landscapes


Tutor: Brenda Hurley

Dates Available: 

  • 20 - 21 August 2018

2 day course: 10am - 4pm


Come and venture into the exciting world of discovering pattern and depth in a landscape, in this Mixed Media Landscape course using collage, crayons, inks and acrylic paint. 

Skies don't have to be blue and grass doesn't have to be green; free yourselves from what you know and feed your imagination with the help of coloured paper, ink and acrylic paint. Pattern is all around us in the fields and trees; look again and see beyond the representational. Popular artist and tutor Brenda Hurley will provide a range of excellent photographic references for this course but you are also welcome to bring some of your own reference images.

By the end of the course, participants will have produced a series of small studies, building and developing towards a final piece.

What to bring;

Acrylic paints in a range of colours. Ideally heavy body paints such as Liquitex or paints of similar quality.

Brushes in a range of sizes suitable for acrylic painting.

Heavy cartridge paper will be provided as a suitable painting surface but you are welcome to bring your own painting surface such as canvas or board if preferred.  

Other essential items: Palette Knife, wrapping paper/ old envelopes (coloured), Pritt-stick glue, thin black drawing pen and a painting apron.

Material fee:

The tutor will provide heavy cartridge paper as a suitable painting surface as well as coloured papers, watercolour crayons, oil pastels, black ink and pens. Additional colours of paint will also be available and a small fee will be due should these be required.

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