Privacy Notice

Please read this privacy notice to understand how we use and protect the information that you provide to us.

Your information will be held by The Courtyard Art Studio Ltd.

The UK is a world leader in data protection and privacy. To comply with UK laws, we have to manage your personal information fairly, lawfully and transparently. This means that you are entitled to know how we intend to use any information you provide. You can then decide whether you want to give it to us in order that we may provide the product or service that you require.  All our employees are responsible for maintaining customer confidentiality. We provide training to all employees to remind them about their obligations. In addition, our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed. Our aim is to make sure that you have confidence in us and feel comfortable about giving us your information. We think that safely looking after your information is a key part of our relationship.

We are The Courtyard Art Studio Ltd, Claydon Courtyard, Claydon Estate, Middle Claydon, Buckinghamshire, MK18 2EX.

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and our nominated data controller is our joint director, Kimberley Keegan.  You can contact her using the address above or on the studio telephone number or email address below:

Telephone: 01296 733200                  email:

The information we have, from whom and why

When you buy one of our courses, classes or products you will provide us with some personal information including name, address, telephone number and email address.  Depending on your method of payment, you may also provide us with some of your bank details.  We collect this information so:

·         We can contact you with information relating to the product you have bought; be that information relating to a course or so that we may email you a receipt

·         We can process your payment

·         We can comply with regulations set by HMRC and Companies House regarding record keeping, taxation and company law

·         We can send direct marketing you about future courses, classes and products from ourselves or our tutors or events happening at Claydon Estate that we think you may be interested in (see below)

If you are one of our tutors or employees, you will provide us with some of your personal information including name, address and contact details.  You may also provide us with details of your work or education history, details of your public liability insurance cover and your bank details.  We collect this information so:

·         We can determine whether you are appropriately experienced and eligible to work with us

·         We can pay money owed to you into your account

·         We can comply with Employment laws and regulations

You have the right to decide not to give us some of the above information but by doing this, you understand that we may not be able to provide you with one of our products or services or we may not be able to work with you.

If we take your photograph during your time at The Courtyard Art Studio Ltd we will always ask for your verbal permission first.  We use photographs for advertisement purposes, be that in printed literature, on our website or through social media.  We will always ask for your consent before taking your photograph and we will always inform you of where and how we intend to use it.  You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

Direct Marketing

When you buy something from us, visit us in the studio, visit our website or see us at an event, we’ll offer you an opportunity to join our email mailing list.  We send out an email newsletter, on average once a fortnight, which includes our current news and details of our courses, classes and products.  We sometimes include information about related events happening at Claydon Estate or related to our tutors.  We value our relationship, so we aim to only send you information we think may be of interest to you personally.  We’ll do this by email and will only send direct marketing to you in this way if you’ve consented to receive it.  You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, either by clicking the “unsubscribe” button on our newsletter or contacting us by phone or email and letting us know. 

Passing your information to others

If you have booked a course or class with us, we will pass your name and in some cases where needed, your email address and telephone number onto the course tutor so that they may contact you directly in regard to that particular course; for example, to inform you about items to bring or if a course has to be cancelled.  If we pass your contact details on under these circumstances, we will make it implicitly clear to the tutor that they may not keep this information or use it for any other purposes, without first gaining appropriate consent from you.

We’ll also disclose information where strictly necessary to comply with our legal obligations, including where HMRC or other authorities require it, for example with our accountant.

We will never give your information to anybody else.

How we store your information and for how long

We store any paper records in our premises in a locked cupboard which only the two directors, Peter and Kimberley Keegan, have access to.  We also store data on our computer which is password protected and we ensure we have the latest computer protection software installed and updated to offer the best level of protection we can. 

If you have bought something from us, we have a legal obligation to keep a record of that transaction for 7 years. 

Your Rights

You have the following rights:


You have a right to ask us if we have your personal information and you have the right to a copy of the information we have. If we do, you have a right to know:

  • why we have it
  • what type of information we have
  • whether we have or will send it to others, e.g. our tutors or HMRC
  • how long we will keep it


Where any of your information is incorrect, you have a right to tell us to correct it promptly. Please tell us as quickly as possible if you change your address or other contact details. If your information is incomplete, you can ask us to correct this too.

In certain circumstances, you’ll have the following extra rights:

Right to object

Depending on the legal basis for which we are using your information, you may be entitled to object. For example, where we’re using your information connected with marketing, we will stop if you object. However, if we’re using your information to meet certain legal obligations, we may continue to do so even if you object.

Erasure (right to be forgotten)

You may have a right to have some or all of the information we hold about you deleted.  However, you should be aware that we are required to retain some records i.e. invoices, to comply with the law.


If you consent to us using your information, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time.

You can exercise these rights by contacting us at any time.

Peter and Kimberley Keegan, Joint Directors

The Courtyard Art Studio Ltd,

Claydon Courtyard,

Claydon Estate,

Middle Claydon,


MK18 2EX

Telephone: 01296 733200               



We aim to work with you on any request, complaint or question you have about your personal information. However, if you believe we have not adequately resolved a matter, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Officer (the ‘ICO’). You have a right, at any time, to complain to the ICO. As an independent UK authority, it upholds information rights in the public interest, promotes openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals. You can visit their website at