Loyalty Reward

Attend 9 days of courses at The Studio and enjoy a complimentary 10th day!

We are delighted that many of our students keep returning to The Courtyard Art Studio and to show our appreciation for their continued interest and support, we would like to reward this loyalty. Therefore, once you have attended 9 days of courses at The Studio, we are offering a complimentary 10th day on a course of your choosing (subject to availability).

All you need to do is keep a record of the number of days you have been in attendance, since The Studio’s inception in June 2017, then give us a call to claim and arrange your free day.

Telephone: +44 (0)1296 733200

Please read the following Terms and Conditions.

  • Each day you spend attending a course at The Courtyard Art Studio counts towards your total number of days - for example a 2 day course counts as 2 days.

  • We will honour all previous course days attended at The Courtyard Art Studio. We do not include days spent with our tutors at other venues or with our tutors before The Studio began in June 2017.

  • You are responsible for keeping track of the number of days you have spent with us (there is no time limit) - when you have 'collected' 9 days, give us a call to claim your free day.  We will check our records to confirm your previous course attendance and once confirmed, book in your free day for you.

  • Your free day can be used on a one day course, or taken off the total cost of a multi-day course, of your choosing (subject to availability).

  • You must notify us before you book if you think you are due a free day - please note that no refunds will be given to honour free days. If your free day falls within the middle of a multi-day course, we can discount the price at the time of booking or if you realise this after booking, we will honour the free day on your next booking.

  • Once you have attended your free day, the next course you attend will start you off on collecting your next 9 days, ready to claim another free day.  (Your free day does not count towards the next collection of 9 days.)

  • Once booked, free days are non-transferable.

  • Any complimentary events or courses, evening classes, junior artists holiday workshops, or open studio days can not be counted towards your 9 days.

  • Your free day can not be exchanged for its equivalent monetary value.

  • Your days are counted when you are in attendance - you can not collect days that have been attended by someone else, even if you booked on their behalf. 

  • Your free day is for you - you cannot give it to someone else or attend for someone else’s free day.

  • The implementation of this offer is always at the discretion of The Courtyard Art Studio Ltd.

  • The Courtyard Art Studio Ltd reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.